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patternclick to hear

Paper template used to cut the various pieces of a garment.
pattern dart notch fold line hemline zipper line lengthwise grain alteration line seam allowance marking dot seam line cutting line

dart click to hear

Symbol indicating the position and width of the fold on the inside of the fabric that makes the garment snugger.

notch click to hear

Marking used to precisely match pieces that go together.

fold line click to hear

Marking indicating that the pattern must be placed on the folded edge of the fabric and in the grain direction.

hemline click to hear

Line indicating where to fold the fabric to create the bottom of a garment.

zipper line click to hear

Line indicating where to position the zipper.

lengthwise grain click to hear

Line with arrows indicating how to position the pattern on the fabric so that it lies in the direction of the warp threads.

alteration line click to hear

Double line indicating where to adjust the length of the piece of fabric to suit the person who will wear the garment.

seam allowance click to hear

Distance between the seam line and the cutting line; it creates a fold on the back of the garment once the seam is stitched.

marking dot click to hear

Sewing mark indicating an area that requires special attention.

seam line click to hear

Line indicating where to sew a seam.

cutting line click to hear

Line indicating where to cut the fabric.