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lithographic pressclick to hear

Manual printing press that uses pressure to print, on paper, an image created on a lithographic stone.
lithographic press gearbox press bed lithographic stone wheel roller frame scraper scraper bar holder pressure screw crank handle lever

gearbox click to hear

Device fitted with a toothed gearwheel used to move the press bed.

press bed click to hear

Movable plate supporting the lithographic stone and the paper.

lithographic stone click to hear

Exceedingly fine-grain limestone that absorbs both grease and water; it is the surface on which the figure is created.

wheel click to hear

Round metal parts over which the press bed slides.

roller click to hear

Metal tube to which the wheels are attached.

frame click to hear

Metal structure of the press.

scraper click to hear

Piece of leather-covered wood that slides over the lithographic stone and exerts pressure.

scraper bar holder click to hear

Piece that holds the scraper in place.

pressure screw click to hear

Piece that regulates the pressure on the scraper.

crank handle click to hear

It manually controls the gearbox.

lever click to hear

Arm that is pulled to exert the pressure needed to transfer the ink from the figure to the paper.