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examples of space probes [3]click to hear

Since the end of the 1950s, over 125 space probes have been launched to study the planets and satellites of the solar system.
examples of space probes [3] Galileo Voyager Cassini Huygens Pioneer

Galileo click to hear

The first probe to thrust into orbit around Jupiter (1995), Galileo is also exploring the planet’s four largest satellites.

Voyager click to hear

Voyager 1 and 2 transformed our knowledge of giant planets; over 27 years after they were launched in 1977, they continue to explore the distant confines of the solar system.

Cassini click to hear

The Cassini probe will study Saturn, its rings and natural satellites; Cassini is scheduled to release the Huygens probe.

Huygens click to hear

Huygens was designed to study Titan, Saturn’s largest satellite.

Pioneer click to hear

In 1973, Pioneer-10, en route to Jupiter, became the first probe to cross the asteroid belt.