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physical mapclick to hear

Type of map representing the Earth’s surface (topography, watercourses, aquatic areas) using various techniques (contour lines, colors).
physical map ocean mountain mass river plateau gulf cape plain river isthmus peninsula archipelago lake river estuary island strait sea bay mountain range prairie

ocean click to hear

Vast body of saltwater covering a large part of the Earth’s surface and separating the continents.

mountain mass click to hear

Group of closely spaced mountains.

river click to hear

Natural watercourse of minor or intermediate size that empties into another watercourse.

plateau click to hear

Vast expanse of relatively flat land, higher than the surrounding region and bounded by deep valleys with sheer cliffs.

gulf click to hear

Long curvature in a coastline; it reaches far inland and is more or less open.

cape click to hear

Massive elevated headland extending into the sea or a river estuary.

plain click to hear

Vast, relatively flat expanse of land, lower than the surrounding landscape; its valleys are wide and shallow.

river click to hear

Major watercourse fed by numerous smaller rivers; it empties into the sea.

isthmus click to hear

Narrow strip of land between two bodies of water; it connects two larger expanses of land.

peninsula click to hear

A piece of land connected to a larger body amd extending into water.

archipelago click to hear

Group of islands.

lake click to hear

Body of water completely surrounded by land; it varies in size and depth.

river estuary click to hear

Mouth of a river that is influenced by the tides; it forms an indentation in the coastline that varies in width and depth.

island click to hear

Expanse of land completely surrounded by water.

strait click to hear

Natural arm of a sea between two coasts; it connects two bodies of water.

sea click to hear

Vast body of saltwater at some distance inland; it is not as deep as an ocean.

bay click to hear

Indentation in a shoreline that reaches far inland and is delimited by two capes.

mountain range click to hear

A row of connected mountains characterized by high summits and deep valleys.

prairie click to hear

Vast expanse of relatively flat land that is characterized by grasses and is naturally devoid of trees.