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cuts of vealclick to hear

Pieces taken from a cow’s offspring, slaughtered before it reaches one year; veal is a tender delicate meat that ranges in color from whitish to pink.
cuts of veal veal cubes ground veal shank roast chop steak

veal cubes click to hear

Their tenderness varies, depending on the section of the calf they come from; they are used mainly to make brochettes or ragouts.

ground veal click to hear

Made from various parts of the calf, its flavor is less pronounced than that of ground beef.

shank click to hear

Comes from a section of the front or hind leg of a calf; when sliced, it is primarily used to make the Italian dish called osso bucco.

roast click to hear

Piece of meat intended for roasting, of variable tenderness; since the meat is lean, it is advisable to bard the roast with fat before cooking it.

chop click to hear

Piece composed of a bone from the rib section and the attached muscles, generally eaten grilled.

steak click to hear

Strip of meat that can be grilled or sautéed; in general, the most tender steaks, loin, sirloin and rib, come from the central section of the carcass.