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stalk vegetables [2]click to hear

Edible plants whose stems are consumed like vegetables; the leaves of some varieties are also edible.
stalk vegetables [2] Swiss chard rib leaf rhubarb cardoon kohlrabi

Swiss chard click to hear

A member of the beet family, grown for its ribs, prepared like celery or asparagus, and for its leaves, often said to resemble spinach.

rib click to hear

The chard’s long fleshy petiole, whitish or red depending on the variety, is both soft and crunchy.

leaf click to hear

Thin flattened part of the chard that grows out of the rib; it is eaten cooked or raw, mainly in salads.

rhubarb click to hear

The stems are eaten like fruit: raw, dipped in sugar or salt, or made into a compote.

cardoon click to hear

A member of the artichoke family and little known in North America, its flavor is similar to that of celery; it is prepared like asparagus and served hot or cold.

kohlrabi click to hear

Very popular in Central and Eastern Europe, where its bulbous stem is eaten raw or cooked like turnip; its cabbage-flavored leaves can also be eaten.