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electric miter sawclick to hear

System composed of a circular saw and guiding device for cutting at a precise angle.
electric miter saw miter scale dust spout miter latch table handle fence blade guard blade miter lock handle

miter scale click to hear

Graduated scale for regulating the blade precisely to the selected cut angle.

dust spout click to hear

Sawdust-ejection conduit, to which a collection bag can usually be attached.

miter latch click to hear

Device for locking the table and the blade in the desired position.

table click to hear

Pivoting circular surface, fitted with a slot for the saw, to which is attached the structure supporting the blade.

handle click to hear

fence click to hear

Perpendicular plate on the surface bracing the piece to be cut.

blade guard click to hear

Device covering the blade in order to protect the user’s hands and prevent sawdust from escaping.

blade click to hear

Thin metal disk with teeth; it rotates to cut pieces of metal or wood.

miter lock handle click to hear

When the miter-latch screw is disengaged, it allows the table to be pivoted to select the cut angle.