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blinds [4]click to hear

Devices that roll or fold up, serving to filter or block light and provide privacy.
blinds [4] Venetian blind tassel equalizing buckle lath lift cord lift cord lock bottom rail cord lath tilt device headrail tilt tube drum

Venetian blind click to hear

Shade made of adjustable horizontal laths containing a mechanism for controlling its height and orientation.

tassel click to hear

Ornament at the end of the operating cord hiding the cords’ knots.

equalizing buckle click to hear

Part for adjusting the shade horizontally.

lath click to hear

Thin flat strips made of aluminum, wood or plastic, the constituent parts of the shade.

lift cord click to hear

Double cord to control the shade’s height and keep it level.

lift cord lock click to hear

Mechanism keeping the shade at the desired height.

bottom rail click to hear

Bar that is heavier than the laths and serves as ballast to ease lowering the shade.

cord click to hear

System of strings controlled by the lath tilt device and the lift cord; it supports the laths, changes their tilt angle and raises them.

lath tilt device click to hear

Rod used for pivoting the tilt tube.

headrail click to hear

Grooved metal rod containing the shade’s mechanism and used to mount the blinds in front of a window.

tilt tube click to hear

Tube in which the drum rotates.

drum click to hear

Cylindrical mechanism allowing the cord and laths to move.