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electron microscope elementsclick to hear

electron microscope elements spectrometer data record system photographic chamber control panel specimen positioning control vacuum system console specimen chamber liquid nitrogen tank electron gun control visual display

spectrometer click to hear

Instrument for determining the chemical composition of a specimen.

data record system click to hear

Instrument for saving data pertaining to the microscopic analysis onto media such as videocassette and DVD.

photographic chamber click to hear

Photographic device that prints an image of the specimen onto a sensitive surface.

control panel click to hear

Console containing buttons for operating the microscope.

specimen positioning control click to hear

Buttons for precisely lining up a specimen in relation to the axis of the electron beam.

vacuum system console click to hear

Compartment housing the vacuum system.

specimen chamber click to hear

Part of the microscope in which a specimen is placed for observation.

liquid nitrogen tank click to hear

Reservoir containing nitrogen to cool the spectrometer.

electron gun click to hear

Device that usually consists of a tungsten filament that is heated to produce an intense electron beam, which illuminates the specimen.

control visual display click to hear

Screen that displays the image of the specimen enlarged and in relief (as a result of a surface scan by the beam), as well as data on the microscope’s operations.