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paragliderclick to hear

Equipment made up of a flexible canopy attached to a harness; it is used to take off from a height and gain altitude on lifting air currents.
paraglider stabilizer suspension line trailing edge leading edge half cell canopy

stabilizer click to hear

Fabric triangle attached to the sides of the canopy; it is used primarily to stabilize the paraglider.

suspension line click to hear

Cables that connect the canopy to the risers; they are arranged in rows on the risers according to the point where they attach to the canopy.

trailing edge click to hear

Back edge of the canopy where the suspension lines connected to the brake loops are attached.

leading edge click to hear

Front edge of the canopy where the half cells open; during liftoff, the leading edge faces into the wind so the canopy fills with air.

half cell click to hear

The fabric compartments that fill with air to give the canopy its shape.

canopy click to hear

Structure of fabric cells that, when filled with air, forms an elliptical surface with the aerodynamic properties of an airplane wing.