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road-racing bicycle and cyclistclick to hear

Road-racing bicycle: bicycle that is designed for speed; it has narrow tires, a lightweight frame and handlebars conducive to an aerodynamic position for the cyclist.
road-racing bicycle and cyclist jersey shorts tire derailleur wheel chain wheel pedal shoe frame fork brake brake lever and shifter glove helmet

jersey click to hear

Stretchy tight clothing that covers the top of the athlete’s body.

shorts click to hear

Tight clothing that covers the athlete’s thighs to prevent them from rubbing against the seat.

tire click to hear

Structure made of cotton and steel fibers coated with rubber, mounted on the rim to form the casing for the inner tube.

derailleur click to hear

Mechanism for changing the rear gears by lifting the chain from one gear wheel to another; it allows the cyclist to adapt to road conditions.

wheel click to hear

Disk that turns around an axle at its center and enables the bicycle to move; its weight and shape influence the bike’s performance.

chain wheel click to hear

Wheel with teeth that, in combination with the rear sprockets, increases or decreases the distance traveled by a turn of the pedal crank.

pedal click to hear

Part attached to a crank that the cyclist rotates to provide the bicycle’s power.

shoe click to hear

Shoe with notches in the sole that fit into a corresponding part on the pedal to keep the foot secure on the pedal.

frame click to hear

Bicycle structure made of aluminum or carbon fiber; it is rigid, lightweight and very sturdy.

fork click to hear

Two tubes connected to the head tube and attached to each end of the front-wheel hub.

brake click to hear

Mechanism composed of two brake pads that is activated by a brake cable; the pads are driven by a caliper and return springs to squeeze the wheel rim and slow down the wheel.

brake lever and shifter click to hear

The brake handle activates the brake caliper to which it is connected by a cable; the shifter is used to change the position of the chain.

glove click to hear

Leather item that reduces vibration and protects the hand against impact.

helmet click to hear

Hard piece of equipment designed to protect the head.