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trotterclick to hear

A horse that moves at a trot, that is, alternately lifting diagonal pairs of feet off the ground; the trot is slower than the pace.
trotter breast collar knee boot shin boot sulky driver handhold shaft

breast collar click to hear

Part of the harness that goes around the horse’s neck; it transmits the horse’s movement to the shaft.

knee boot click to hear

Rigid equipment that protects the horse’s knee.

shin boot click to hear

Equipment placed around the cannon of the horse’s leg to protect it from injury.

sulky click to hear

Two-wheeled one-passenger vehicle that is pulled by a horse; it is light (around 35 lb), aerodynamic and has no body.

driver click to hear

Person who steers the horse; the driver’s main task is to restrain the horse to conserve its energy for the right moment.

handhold click to hear

Rein that is held by the driver to control the movement of the bit and thus steer the horse.

shaft click to hear

Wooden or metal arm that extends the sulky; the horse is harnessed between the two of them.