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rider and horseclick to hear

The players ride horses whose manes are shaved and tails plaited to avoid catching; the players also change horses at every chukker (period).
rider and horse saddle shin boot knee pad martingale bit noseband helmet polo pony shaft head mallet bell boot ball

saddle click to hear

Somewhat curved unit that is made mostly of leather; it is set on the horse’s back for the rider to sit on.

shin boot click to hear

Equipment placed around the cannon of the horse’s leg to protect it from injury.

knee pad click to hear

Hard leather piece of equipment that protects the rider’s knee.

martingale click to hear

Strap that is connected to the noseband to prevent the horse from throwing its head back; this prevents blows to its head during abrupt stops.

bit click to hear

Device that is inserted in the horse’s mouth; the rider steers the horse using the reins, which in turn move the bit in the horse’s mouth.

noseband click to hear

Part of the bridle that runs around the head above the nostrils; it prevents the horse from opening its mouth and losing the bit.

helmet click to hear

Rigid piece of equipment that protects the rider’s head; it usually has a protective grille.

polo pony click to hear

Small horse that is bred and schooled for polo; calm and docile, it can start, stop and change directions very quickly.

shaft click to hear

Long part of the mallet that is usually made of bamboo and has a fixed head at the end; it can be rigid or flexible, depending on the player’s preference.

head click to hear

Usually cigar-shaped piece of hardwood; the player strikes the ball with it.

mallet click to hear

Part consisting of a shaft and a head that is used by the player to hit the ball along the ground; it must be held in the right hand.

bell boot click to hear

Usually rubber item of equipment that covers the horse’s hoof to prevent injury.

ball click to hear

White sphere of wood or plastic with a diameter of 3 to 3.5 in.