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cartridge (shotgun)click to hear

Piece of ammunition made up of multiple projectiles (pellets), an explosive charge and a primer, all packed inside a case.
cartridge (shotgun) crimping pellets base primer charge wad plastic case

crimping click to hear

Ridged edges of the case that are used to close the cartridge and keep the pellets inside.

pellets click to hear

Small round shotgun projectiles that are sprayed out under pressure from the wad; they are made of lead, copper or nickel.

base click to hear

Metal base of the case that contains the primer.

primer click to hear

Metal part filled with a chemical detonating substance that ignites the powder charge.

charge click to hear

Explosive substance used to drive the projectile.

wad click to hear

Piece of felt or plastic that separates the pellets from the charge; when moved by the explosion, it drives the pellets forward at high speed.

plastic case click to hear

Plastic cover containing the explosive charge and the cartridge’s projectiles (pellets).