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compound bowclick to hear

Bow with a system of cables and wheels that increases its shooting power; it requires less effort for the archer to draw back the bowstring.
compound bow sight nocking point cable guard mounting bracket arrow rest grip cable bowstring limb wheel

sight click to hear

Articulated apparatus on the bow that aligns it with the target to increase the accuracy of the shot.

nocking point click to hear

Mark on the bowstring where the arrow’s nock fits.

cable guard click to hear

Part that spreads the bowstring cables apart to prevent them from touching the arrow as the latter is nocked and shot.

mounting bracket click to hear

Metal part with a threaded opening; a screw goes into it to attach the limb to the bow’s grip.

arrow rest click to hear

Part against which the arrow shaft rests as the nock in fitted into the bowstring.

grip click to hear

Part between the two limbs that is gripped to manipulate the bow.

cable click to hear

Steel ropes that are bound together and slide on wheels to increase the bow’s power.

bowstring click to hear

Group of fibers attached to the bow that are stretched taut to shoot an arrow.

limb click to hear

Flexible part that stores the potential energy as the bow is stretched.

wheel click to hear

Small pulley attached to the end of each limb; it absorbs part of the force from the shot and it increases the shot’s accuracy.