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life cycle of the frogclick to hear

The stages of development are the egg, the tadpole and the adult; each stage usually lasts several weeks, but can last up to two years in some species.
life cycle of the frog tadpole forelimb hind limb operculum external gills eggs

tadpole click to hear

Aquatic larva of the frog having a large head and a slender body ending in a tail; it breathes through gills.

forelimb click to hear

The forelimbs appear during the last stage of the tadpole’s metamorphosis.

hind limb click to hear

The hind limbs appear after the gills.

operculum click to hear

Thin bony plate of skin covering the gills and having a posterior valvular opening, the hearing organ.

external gills click to hear

Respiratory organs that filter water and take in food particles; they are later replaced by internal gills.

eggs click to hear

Embryonic stage of the frog resulting when the egg is fertilized by the sperm.