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morphology of a frogclick to hear

morphology of a frog hind limb webbed foot web digit forelimb lower eyelid mouth nostril snout eyeball tympanum upper eyelid trunk

hind limb click to hear

Long powerful articulated member attached to the terminal end of the trunk; it has five webbed toes used for walking, jumping and swimming.

webbed foot click to hear

Each of the digits of the foot, connected by membranes; when spread, they make swimming easier.

web click to hear

Fine membrane of skin connecting the digits of the foot; it stretches when the frog swims.

digit click to hear

Terminal end of the limbs formed of various articulated bones; it has neither nails nor claws.

forelimb click to hear

Short articulated member located behind the head; it has four digits and is used for walking.

lower eyelid click to hear

Thin muscular membrane that is translucent and movable; it rises from the lower edge of the eye to protect and cleanse it.

mouth click to hear

Anterior cavity of the digestive tract located on the ventral surface that allows food to be ingested.

nostril click to hear

External orifice of the nasal cavity located above the mouth and having olfactory and respiratory functions.

snout click to hear

Anterior round protruding portion of the head that forms the mouth and the nostrils.

eyeball click to hear

Protruding organ of sight contained in the bony cavity at the top of the head used to perceive light intensity, motion and shapes.

tympanum click to hear

Thin strong elastic membrane connected to the inner ear to capture acoustic vibrations.

upper eyelid click to hear

Thick fixed membrane.

trunk click to hear

Bony portion of the body to which the head and limbs are attached.