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morphology of a moleclick to hear

morphology of a mole snout claw palm forelimb hind limb tail fur eye

snout click to hear

Elongated front portion of the head covered with many sensory hairs, which have a highly developed tactile and olfactory function.

claw click to hear

Somewhat curved, sharp pointy structure at the terminal end of the digits for digging in the earth.

palm click to hear

Portion of the hand facing outward to make digging easier and to push the earth aside more efficiently.

forelimb click to hear

Wide powerful articulated limb ending in a scoop-shaped paw allowing the mole to dig in the earth.

hind limb click to hear

Articulated limb with sharp claws that supports the mole while it digs in the earth.

tail click to hear

Terminal appendage of the body having tactile hairs that detect obstacles.

fur click to hear

Hair covering the body, mainly for maintaining internal body temperature and providing protection from insect bites.

eye click to hear

Organ of sight covered with hairs that can perceive variations in light intensity; some moles are almost blind.