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examples of insects [3]click to hear

Insects: invertebrates with bodies divided into three parts; they usually have three pairs of legs, two pairs of wings and antennae.
examples of insects [3] water bug cockchafer yellowjacket horsefly bumblebee hornet

water bug click to hear

Large carnivorous insect with a lean flat body; it is widely dispersed and lives in aquatic environments.

cockchafer click to hear

Common garden insect with fringed antennae; it eats leaves and tree roots. Infestations of this pest can cause serious damage.

yellowjacket click to hear

Social insect; the female has a venomous sting that is painful.

horsefly click to hear

Large fly found in warm countries; the female stings animals and occasionally humans to feed off their blood.

bumblebee click to hear

Plump hairy insect related to the bee; it lives in colonies and produces honey.

hornet click to hear

Large wasp with a painful and dangerous sting; it feeds mainly on insects and fruit.