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hive [2]click to hear

Shelter constructed to house a bee colony that produces honey and pollinates fruit trees.
hive [2] entrance slide entrance alighting board hive body roof super outer cover exit cone cell brood chamber queen excluder honeycomb frame

entrance slide click to hear

Movable wooden slat for decreasing or enlarging the size of the entrance, mainly to prevent small animals from entering the hive.

entrance click to hear

Opening of the hive allowing the bees to enter and exit.

alighting board click to hear

Edge of the hive allowing the bees to land and take off.

hive body click to hear

Main portion of the hive enclosing the brood chamber.

roof click to hear

Top of the hive providing protection.

super click to hear

Removable container used to collect the surplus honey reserves.

outer cover click to hear

Movable outer covering of the hive, forming its roof and frame.

exit cone click to hear

Opening through which bees exit the hive, but never enter it.

cell click to hear

Hexagonal cavity contained within walls of wax, the constituent unit of honeycombs.

brood chamber click to hear

Part of the hive formed of combs; its cells house the queen, eggs, larvae, pupae and reserves of pollen and honey.

queen excluder click to hear

Wire frame separating the brood chamber from the super; it prevents the queen from entering while allowing the worker bees to pass through.

honeycomb click to hear

Cake of wax made by bees in the hive made up of cells placed side by side and filled with honey or used as brood chambers for embryos.

frame click to hear

Wax-coated removable wooden frame; it is used as a foundation for building combs.