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morphology of a gorillaclick to hear

morphology of a gorilla leg hand foot opposable thumb prehensile digit fur arm face

leg click to hear

Powerful muscular lower limb supporting the body in an upright position.

hand click to hear

Terminal part of the upper limb having a tactile and prehensile function, with a thumb opposable to the other fingers.

foot click to hear

Terminal end of the leg bearing five digits; it rests on the ground and has a prehensile and motor function.

opposable thumb click to hear

Short sturdy first digit of the hand facing the other digits and used for grasping and using tools; it is also used to hang from objects.

prehensile digit click to hear

Articulated limb ending in a nail; along with the thumb, it is used to grasp food and to cling to objects.

fur click to hear

Hair covering the body, with the main exceptions of the face, palms of the hands and soles of the feet; it maintains body temperature.

arm click to hear

Powerful muscular upper limb mainly supporting the body while walking.

face click to hear

Front portion of the head comprising especially the orifices of the sense organs.