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morphology of a venomous snake: headclick to hear

Venomous snake: it defends itself by injecting often deadly venom; there are about 400 species.
morphology of a venomous snake: head movable maxillary scale tongue sheath forked tongue tooth glottis venom gland fang venom-conducting tube venom canal pit eye vertical pupil nostril

movable maxillary click to hear

Highly mobile bone of the upper jaw allowing the snake to swallow large prey.

scale click to hear

Each of the overlapping small hard thin plates covering the snake’s body.

tongue sheath click to hear

Protective sheath located in front of the glottis into which the tongue retracts.

forked tongue click to hear

Elongated movable forked mouthpart having olfactory, tactile and gustatory functions; it is not used to ingest food.

tooth click to hear

Hard pointy structure that curves backward and is fixed to the jaws; it grows continually and is used to immobilize prey but not to chew.

glottis click to hear

Opening in the respiratory system located in the lower portion of the buccal cavity, through which air circulates.

venom gland click to hear

Organ producing an acidic secretion made of venom; it is attached to the fang.

fang click to hear

Large curved tooth located on the maxilla and connected to the venom gland; it allows the snake to grab its prey to inject it with venom.

venom-conducting tube click to hear

Tube carrying venom from the venom gland to the venom canal.

venom canal click to hear

Hollow fissure in the fang allowing venom to be injected by biting.

pit click to hear

Sensory organ forming a cavity between the eye and the nostril; it allows the snake to sense variations in temperature and to locate its prey.

eye click to hear

Organ of sight covered with a transparent scale; it has a wide field of vision and mainly perceives motion and colors.

vertical pupil click to hear

Oval and vertical opening of the eye, especially adapted to the dark; image-producing light enters through it.

nostril click to hear

External orifice of the nasal cavity located above the mouth and having olfactory and respiratory functions.

morphology of a venomous snake: head -> morfología de una serpiente venenosa: cabeza

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