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morphology of a ratclick to hear

Rat: omnivorous gnawing mammal with a long tail; it is extremely voracious and prolific.
morphology of a rat tail claw fur nose vibrissa digit pinna

tail click to hear

Terminal appendage of the body covered with scales and containing blood vessels; it is used mainly for equilibrium.

claw click to hear

Somewhat curved, sharp pointy structure used especially for digging and defense.

fur click to hear

Hair covering the entire body, except the nose; its main function is to maintain body temperature.

nose click to hear

Middle protuberance of the head with two orifices located above the mouth and having an olfactory and respiratory function.

vibrissa click to hear

Long tactile hair located around the nose and mouth used to detect obstacles during nocturnal forays.

digit click to hear

Terminal end of the limbs formed of various articulated bones bearing a claw and used mainly to feed and move about.

pinna click to hear

External part of the ear made of cartilaginous lobes that capture sounds.