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examples of ungulate mammals [5]click to hear

There are many species of ungulate mammals; some are wild, some are domesticated and some are both.
examples of ungulate mammals [5] dromedary camel bactrian camel moose horse

dromedary camel click to hear

Single-humped ruminant ungulate of Africa adapted to arid climates; it is used especially as a pack animal and for riding.

bactrian camel click to hear

Two-humped ruminant ungulate of Asia adapted to arid climates; it is domesticated especially for its meat, milk and hide, and as a pack animal.

moose click to hear

Ruminant ungulate found in the cold regions of the Northern hemisphere with wide hooves that allow it to wade through marshes and ponds.

horse click to hear

Maned ungulate mammal domesticated for riding and for use as a draft animal.