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anatomy of a horseclick to hear

anatomy of a horse esophagus lung cecum kidney rectum small intestine colon spleen stomach liver heart trachea

esophagus click to hear

Canal of the anterior portion of the digestive tract; it carries food to the stomach.

lung click to hear

Respiratory organ made up of an extensible tissue and forming a sac; air from the buccal cavity flows into it.

cecum click to hear

Lateral canal located in the anterior portion of the intestine where especially a part of digestion and fermentation take place.

kidney click to hear

Organ secreting urine; it eliminates toxic substances from the body.

rectum click to hear

Terminal portion of the intestine, behind the colon allowing fecal matter to be ejected.

small intestine click to hear

Long thin portion of the digestive tract behind the stomach in which most of the digestion and food absorption take place.

colon click to hear

Intestinal part of the body between the small intestine and the rectum in which waste collects before being expelled in the form of excrement.

spleen click to hear

Organ of the circulatory system where impurities in the blood are destroyed.

stomach click to hear

Dilated section of the digestive tract preceding the intestine; it receives food to be digested.

liver click to hear

Viscera that secretes bile, among other substances; bile helps digestion.

heart click to hear

Muscular organ helping blood to circulate.

trachea click to hear

Muscular cartilaginous canal carrying air from the nasal cavity to the lungs.