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lunar featuresclick to hear

Aspect of the Moon determined by past volcanic activity, meteorite impact and soil fractures.
lunar features cliff bay ocean crater wall mountain range sea lake highland crater ray cirque

cliff click to hear

Steep rock face shaped by a sea.

bay click to hear

Small plain of hardened lava located along the edges of a sea.

ocean click to hear

A very large sea.

crater click to hear

Circular basin dug out by the impact of a meteorite.

wall click to hear

Mountain usually surrounding a cirque.

mountain range click to hear

Vestiges of the walls of a once-large crater; semicircular in shape, it can span hundreds of miles.

sea click to hear

Designates the vast plains of hardened lava forming the dark regions; younger than the highlands, these cover 15% of the surface.

lake click to hear

Small isolated plain of hardened lava.

highland click to hear

Designates bright regions riddled with craters; these oldest regions cover 85% of the surface.

crater ray click to hear

Band that radiates from a young crater, the result of matter ejected during a meteorite impact.

cirque click to hear

Vast crater characterized by remarkable relief; varies between 12 and 120 mi in diameter.