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children’s clothing [1]click to hear

Clothing worn by children between the ages of about 3 and 12.
children’s clothing [1] pajamas snowsuit fly front closing drawstring hood crossover back straps overalls bib button strap

pajamas click to hear

Nightclothes characterized by a long-sleeved, T-shirt style tunic and ribbing at the crew neck, wrists and ankles.

snowsuit click to hear

Winter garment consisting of a warm one-piece suit with a hood, which is sometimes detachable and often edged with fur.

fly front closing click to hear

Zipper or button fastening system covered by a strip of fabric.

drawstring hood click to hear

Hood with a string, which draws it tight around the face.

crossover back straps overalls click to hear

Pants with a bib covering the chest and shoulder straps that cross over in the back.

bib click to hear

Upper part of the overalls, covering the chest from the waist up.

button strap click to hear

Narrow strip of fabric that is attached to the garment by buttons and connects the front and back by passing over the shoulder.