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unisex headgearclick to hear

Headgear worn by members of both sexes.
unisex headgear balaclava peak stocking cap felt hat beret

balaclava click to hear

Woolen cap covering the head and neck and with an opening for the face.

peak click to hear

Part that juts out over the eyes to protect them.

stocking cap click to hear

Woolen headgear made from a cylindrical piece that is folded over for double thickness, sewn at one end and decorated with a pompom.

felt hat click to hear

Soft hat with a dented crown that is adorned with a wide ribbon; it is made from a single piece and has a brim of uniform width.

beret click to hear

Soft brimless headgear with a round flat crown that sometimes puffs out; it fits on the head by means of a simple hemmed rim or a narrow headband.