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jackets [1]click to hear

Sleeved garments that are open at the front and fall to the hips; they are worn over a shirt, vest, sweater, etc. The top part of a suit is called a suit jacket.
jackets [1] double-breasted jacket patch pocket outside ticket pocket sleeve collar flap breast welt pocket peaked lapel lining side back vent

double-breasted jacket click to hear

Jacket where the front panels overlap when closed; it has a vertical double line of buttons.

patch pocket click to hear

Pocket of various shapes and sizes, made of a piece of material sewn onto the garment’s outer surface.

outside ticket pocket click to hear

Small pocket placed at waist level above the jacket’s right pocket or sometimes inside the lining on the left side.

sleeve click to hear

Part of the garment covering the arm; it can be of various shapes and lengths.

collar click to hear

Piece sewn onto a garment that finishes or adorns the neck.

flap click to hear

Piece of fabric or other material that hangs from the top of a pocket opening to hide it.

breast welt pocket click to hear

Small decorative pocket to the left of a jacket’s lapel where the pocket handkerchief is placed.

peaked lapel click to hear

Lapel forming a very small angle where it meets the collar.

lining click to hear

Soft fabric cut from the same pattern as the garment inside which it is sewn; it gives body to the garment, embellishes it, hides its seams and makes it warmer.

side back vent click to hear

Vertical opening with overlapping edges on each side of the back of a jacket, giving it fullness.