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shirt [2]click to hear

Garment covering the torso with a collar, a yoke at the back, shirttails and buttons down the front.
shirt [2] bow tie ascot tie necktie front apron neck end rear apron lining loop slip-stitched seam

bow tie click to hear

Short necktie consisting of a knot at the center and a wing on each side of it.

ascot tie click to hear

Wide necktie with pleats that narrow the part that goes around the neck; it is knotted loosely and worn inside the open collar of a shirt.

necktie click to hear

Long narrow strip of fabric placed under the shirt collar and knotted; the front apron, usually wider than the rear one, makes the shirt more attractive.

front apron click to hear

Wider apron that makes the shirtfront more attractive.

neck end click to hear

Part of the necktie that goes around the neck, under the collar.

rear apron click to hear

Narrower apron that is threaded through the loop to keep it behind the front apron.

lining click to hear

Fabric sewn inside the tie to give it body.

loop click to hear

Flat ring behind the front apron that the rear apron passes through to hold it in place.

slip-stitched seam click to hear

Seam running the length of the necktie, in the middle of the reverse side.