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newborn children’s clothing [4]click to hear

Garments worn by children from birth to about three years of age.
newborn children’s clothing [4] disposable diaper waterproof pants Velcro® closure ruffled rumba pants ruching diaper bib nylon rumba tights

disposable diaper click to hear

Throwaway piece of fabric with a waterproof outer layer and usually elasticized leg holes, which allow the child to move freely.

waterproof pants click to hear

Part of the diaper gathered around the top of the thighs.

Velcro® closure click to hear

Fastening system made up of two strips with surfaces that grip on contact.

ruffled rumba pants click to hear

Undergarment with an elasticized waist that extends to the top of the thighs; it is large enough to be worn over a diaper.

ruching click to hear

One of several narrow decorative strips of light fabric, gathered and sewn onto a garment.

diaper click to hear

Absorbent article of clothing used as briefs for babies.

bib click to hear

Absorbent piece of fabric tied around a child’s neck to protect its clothes from food and saliva.

nylon rumba tights click to hear

Long drawers with feet; they are made of stretchy or knitted fabric and have ruching at the back.