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examples of collars [3]click to hear

Collar: piece sewn onto a garment that finishes or adorns the neck.
examples of collars [3] turtleneck cowl neck polo collar stand-up collar mandarin collar bertha collar collaret

turtleneck click to hear

High-necked collar that is folded over; it is usually snug around the neck and does not fasten.

cowl neck click to hear

Turtleneck that is large enough to be draped over the head, making a kind of hood that frames the face.

polo collar click to hear

Turned-down pointed collar fastened with a buttoned placket, which ends at mid-chest.

stand-up collar click to hear

Collar made of a narrow strip of fabric that sticks up from a round neck; its edges meet in front but do not fasten.

mandarin collar click to hear

Stand-up collar with rounded upper points that come together at the neck, forming a V.

bertha collar click to hear

Collar made of a strip of fabric of variable width and attached to the edge of a neckline or round neck.

collaret click to hear

Piece of delicate, pleated or gathered fabric that adorns the neck of a dress; its shape has varied greatly from one period to another.