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cut for gemstones [1]click to hear

Cutting a gemstone consists of angling the facets so that the stone’s brilliance is intensified.
cut for gemstones [1] cabochon cut table cut rose cut step cut emerald cut scissors cut eight cut brilliant full cut

cabochon cut click to hear

Unfaceted cut suitable for opaque stones; it has one flat side and one or two convex sides.

table cut click to hear

The simplest kind of table cut; the rectangular girdle with sometimes rounded corners is surrounded on each side by a row of facets.

rose cut click to hear

Cut with a flat base and a dome made up of triangular facets; the total number of facets is a multiple of three.

step cut click to hear

Cut where the square or rectangular girdle is surrounded by parallel rows of rectangular facets; there are more facets on the pavilion side than on the crown side.

emerald cut click to hear

Classic emerald step cut that has a rectangular table with beveled corners and a girdle of the same shape with occasionally beveled corners.

scissors cut click to hear

Step cut with triangular facets.

eight cut click to hear

Cut often used for smaller diamonds; it has eight crown facets, eight pavilion facets, an octagonal table and a culet.

brilliant full cut click to hear

Diamond cut with 32 crown facets, 24 pavilion facets, an octagonal table and a culet.