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nail care [2]click to hear

The means of making the hands and especially the nails more beautiful.
nail care [2] nail clippers nail cleaner folding nail file lever jaw toenail scissors safety scissors

nail clippers click to hear

Small pincers with curved jaws and often a file that are used to trim nails.

nail cleaner click to hear

Fine-tipped beveled blade used to clean the nail’s outer edge.

folding nail file click to hear

Ridged metal blade used to file down and smooth nails.

lever click to hear

Rod attached to a fulcrum that brings the jaws together when it is pressed down.

jaw click to hear

Cutting edges of the nail clippers.

toenail scissors click to hear

Scissors with long shanks that are used to trim toenails.

safety scissors click to hear

Scissors used to trim nails that are safer to use because of their rounded tips.