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handbags [4]click to hear

Relatively soft and light accessory that contains a pocket and is carried in the hand, under the arm or over the shoulder; it is used to carry various objects.
handbags [4] hobo bag accordion bag gusset shoulder bag shoulder strap buckle

hobo bag click to hear

Bag whose bottom consists of a strip that comes up each side as far as the opening and then forms a point where the shoulder strap is attached.

accordion bag click to hear

Bag that has soft adjacent pockets with gussets and often zippers; the whole bag is closed with a flap.

gusset click to hear

Piece sewn along the bottom and up the side of a bag to increase its capacity.

shoulder bag click to hear

Bag with an adjustable shoulder strap and a flap or zipper closure.

shoulder strap click to hear

Long belt often with a buckle to adjust it; it is used to carry the bag over the shoulder or diagonally across the chest.

buckle click to hear

Fastener made up of a ring that secures the two ends of a shoulder strap.