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smoking accessories [5]click to hear

Range of objects used for smoking tobacco in pipes, cigars or cigarettes.
smoking accessories [5] cigarette paper tobacco seam filter tip ashtray ash butt

cigarette click to hear

Small roll of cut tobacco wrapped in thin paper; it often has a filter at one end and is made for smoking.

paper click to hear

Very thin sheet of paper that is wrapped around the tobacco.

tobacco click to hear

Product made from the dried leaves of a nicotine-rich plant; the leaves are treated and made into cigars or cigarettes for smoking.

seam click to hear

Line along which the cigarette paper is sealed.

filter tip click to hear

Tip at the mouth end for capturing some of the smoke’s toxic substances.

ashtray click to hear

Receptacle into which smokers empty their pipe or leave the remains of their cigar or cigarette.

ash click to hear

Residue left from burned tobacco.

butt click to hear

Unburned portion of a cigar or cigarette.