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umbrella and stick [2]click to hear

The shape, price and materials of these personal articles vary widely according to culture, period and manufacturer.
umbrella and stick [2] stick umbrella shoulder strap tie closure ferrule walking stick umbrella stand telescopic umbrella cover push button

stick umbrella click to hear

Umbrella with a handle shaped like a walking stick.

shoulder strap click to hear

Long belt often with a buckle to adjust it; it is used to carry the umbrella over the shoulder or diagonally across the chest.

tie closure click to hear

Strip of material with a fastener that is wrapped around the closed umbrella to hold the ribs and canopy in place.

ferrule click to hear

Usually metal trim covering the tip of an umbrella to decorate it and protect if from contact with the ground.

walking stick click to hear

Crafted stick used for support when walking.

umbrella stand click to hear

Variously shaped accessory or piece of furniture where umbrellas and walking sticks are kept.

telescopic umbrella click to hear

Umbrella that can become shorter when closed because it has a collapsible handle and hinged ribs that fold up.

cover click to hear

Elongated case that covers the umbrella when it is closed to protect its canopy.

push button click to hear

Button that is pushed to activate the umbrella’s opening mechanism.