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darkroom equipment [3]click to hear

Material required to process film and to print photographs in a darkened room.
darkroom equipment [3] enlarger lamphouse elevation control baseboard enlarging lens bellows negative carrier lamphouse head height scale red safelight filter height control column

enlarger click to hear

Device that projects a usually enlarged negative image in black and white onto light-sensitive photographic paper.

lamphouse elevation control click to hear

Device that lifts the lamphouse head so that the negative holder can be inserted into the enlarger.

baseboard click to hear

Base plate on which a photographic paper is placed.

enlarging lens click to hear

Optical system made up of a set of lenses fixed on a mount; it transfers an enlarged image of a negative onto photographic paper.

bellows click to hear

Lightproof instrument of varying length; it is used to focus the image on photographic paper.

negative carrier click to hear

Device with two opaque plates that holds the negative flat between the light source and the lens of the enlarger.

lamphouse head click to hear

Box enclosing a light source that is used to illuminate a negative.

height scale click to hear

Graduated scale showing the distance between the baseboard and the lens; it is used to determine the magnification ratio of the negative.

red safelight filter click to hear

Colored filter placed under the lens to frame or focus a black and white image directly onto photographic paper without exposing it.

height control click to hear

Device used to adjust the height of the lamphouse head on the column.

column click to hear

Serrated bar mounted on the baseboard; it is used to support the lamphouse head and to adjust its height.