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home theaterclick to hear

Audiovisual equipment package for home use; it recreates the sound and visual effects found in movie theaters.
home theater subwoofers large-screen television set center loudspeaker surround loudspeaker main loudspeaker

subwoofers click to hear

Large loudspeakers designed to generate very low frequencies.

large-screen television set click to hear

Television set with a screen having a length-to-height ratio greater than the norm so that it conforms to a movie theater format.

center loudspeaker click to hear

Loudspeaker located between the two main loudspeakers that generates dialogue and certain sound effects.

surround loudspeaker click to hear

Each of the small loudspeakers located about the room that generate the surround sounds.

main loudspeaker click to hear

Each of the two loudspeakers located at the sides of a television set that generate most of the sounds and music.