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picture tube [2]click to hear

Hollow glass tube in which video signals are converted into electron beams to produce pictures on the screen.
picture tube [2] protective window base screen color selection filter electron beam neck electron gun funnel

protective window click to hear

Front portion of the picture tube that covers the screen.

base click to hear

Terminal end of the picture tube that connects to outside circuits.

screen click to hear

Surface on which pictures are formed; it is covered with sensitive dots, which emit red, green or blue light when hit by electrons.

color selection filter click to hear

Perforated metal plate that directs each electron beam toward the sensitive parts of the screen corresponding to its color.

electron beam click to hear

All the negatively charged particles traveling in the same direction; their intensity varies with the video signal received.

neck click to hear

Narrow part of the picture tube that contains the electron gun.

electron gun click to hear

Device that emits electron beams toward the screen; there are beams for each of the primary colors, red, green and blue.

funnel click to hear

Flared rear portion of the picture tube.