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photocopierclick to hear

Equipment fitted with a photographic device, which reproduces written texts and images.
photocopier feeder output tray paper trays paper in reserve bypass feeder automatic sorting trays control panel cover document handler

feeder output tray click to hear

Device used to collect unsorted photocopies.

paper trays click to hear

Trays containing blank sheets of various standard-sized papers to be fed automatically into the photocopier.

paper in reserve click to hear

bypass feeder click to hear

Device used to photocopy multiple pages of a document consecutively.

automatic sorting trays click to hear

Device made up of a series of receiving trays, which separate photocopies of the same document into several sets.

control panel click to hear

Panel housing the photocopier’s operating buttons.

cover click to hear

Movable part covering the glass plate on which original documents are placed to be photocopied.

document handler click to hear

Device in which one or several sheets of paper are placed to be photocopied.