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miscellaneous articles [3] paper fasteners paper clips clip thumb tacks paper clip holder magnet

paper fasteners click to hear

Small clips made of two bars, which spread open to hold sheets of paper or cardboard.

paper clips click to hear

Small clips made from a piece of bent metal wire; they are used to hold a few sheets of paper or index cards.

clip click to hear

Device with two articulated arms that are pressed together to hold such items as sheets of paper and index cards.

thumb tacks click to hear

Small tacks with short pointy ends; they are easily pushed in with the finger and are used to attach sheets of paper, cardboard or posters to a surface.

paper clip holder click to hear

Small box containing paper clips, which are released one by one through a magnetic opening.

magnet click to hear

Material that produces a magnetic field; it attracts paper clips to the top and holds them in place around the opening.