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sorting plantclick to hear

Facility that receives and sorts recyclable material and then delivers it to a recycling center.
sorting plant nonreusable residue waste paper/paperboard sorting burial incineration paper/paperboard separation baling recycling shredding optical sorting compacting magnetic separation metal sorting separate collection conveyor belt manual sorting glass sorting crusher plastics sorting

nonreusable residue waste click to hear

Waste that cannot be converted into useful matter for reintroduction into the production cycle.

paper/paperboard sorting click to hear

burial click to hear

Operation of compressing waste into layers 7 to 10 feet thick, and then covering them with at least 6 in of earth.

incineration click to hear

Technique used to dispose of waste consisting of burning waste material until it is sterile; the gases released do not cause pollution.

paper/paperboard separation click to hear

Paper and paperboard are usually separated by means of suction.

baling click to hear

Paperboard and paper are compressed and wrapped separately before they are shipped to recycling plants.

recycling click to hear

Process by which waste is converted into useful raw material and reintroduced into the production cycle.

shredding click to hear

Operation of reducing plastic materials to flakes.

optical sorting click to hear

Pieces of glass are sorted by color (white, green or brown) using an optical detector.

compacting click to hear

Operation of compressing metal waste to facilitate shipment to recycling plants.

magnetic separation click to hear

It is used to separate ferrous and nonferrous metals (e.g., aluminum, copper, lead) from other waste materials.

metal sorting click to hear

separate collection click to hear

Collection of waste material sorted beforehand according to type, carried out by those who generate it (households and industry).

conveyor belt click to hear

Continuous band on which waste is unloaded.

manual sorting click to hear

glass sorting click to hear

crusher click to hear

plastics sorting click to hear