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elevation zones and vegetationclick to hear

Types of vegetation vary depending on temperature and rainfall, which in turn depend on altitude.
elevation zones and vegetation tropical forest deciduous forest mixed forest coniferous forest tundra glacier

tropical forest click to hear

Dense, highly varied forest in the intertropical zone, where precipitation is abundant and regular.

deciduous forest click to hear

Forest composed mainly of trees with broad leaves that grow back every year.

mixed forest click to hear

Forest composed of conifers and deciduous trees.

coniferous forest click to hear

Forest composed mainly of softwood trees with evergreen leaves in the form of needles or scales.

tundra click to hear

Plant formation that grows in relatively arid regions; it includes mosses, lichens, grasses, bushes and dwarf trees.

glacier click to hear

Mass of ice resulting from the accumulation and compression of snow; it moves under its own weight.