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seismographs [1]click to hear

Instruments that record seismic wave amplitude at a given point on the Earth’s surface.
seismographs [1] vertical seismograph vertical ground movement bedrock stand pillar mass spring pen rotating drum seismogram

vertical seismograph click to hear

Instrument that measures vertical ground movement.

vertical ground movement click to hear

bedrock click to hear

Extremely hard rock mass joined with the subsoil.

stand click to hear

Horizontal support that is secured to the ground.

pillar click to hear

Very solid vertical support.

mass click to hear

Independent of ground movement, it remains stationary during an earthquake, thus serving as a reference for measuring the amplitude of tremors.

spring click to hear

It keeps the mass from moving.

pen click to hear

Writing instrument that converts ground movement into a line.

rotating drum click to hear

Secured to the ground, it rotates under the pen, recording ground movements on paper.

seismogram click to hear

Graphic representation produced by a seismograph; the stronger the tremors, the greater the oscillations on the paper.