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measure of sunshineclick to hear

Sunshine: direct sunlight to which a given area is exposed.
measure of sunshine sunshine recorder lower sphere clamp lock nut leveling screw lower support screw sunshine card base plate check nut sub-base glass sphere card support sphere support

sunshine recorder click to hear

Instrument designed to record daily duration of sunshine.

lower sphere clamp click to hear

Two clamps secure the glass sphere into the position required to obtain an exact measure of sunshine; this position is based on the coordinates of the meteorological station.

lock nut click to hear

The nut of the leveling screw, which tightens to secure the base plate in a given position.

leveling screw click to hear

Screw making it possible to level the instrument along its two axes, north-south and east-west.

lower support screw click to hear

sunshine card click to hear

Strip of paper, calibrated in hours, that is burned by the Sun’s rays; it registers the duration of sunshine.

base plate click to hear

Stationary metal support in the form of a triangle; it is comprised of three coupling sleeves, each having a leveling screw.

check nut click to hear

sub-base click to hear

Adjustable metal support that makes it possible to level the instrument by means of leveling screws.

glass sphere click to hear

In the manner of a magnifying glass, it concentrates the Sun’s rays on the sunshine card.

card support click to hear

Circular support for the sunshine card.

sphere support click to hear