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snow crystalsclick to hear

Ice crystals whose form depends on temperature and humidity; they fall separately or in agglomerations of flakes.
snow crystals column plate crystal spatial dendrite irregular crystal stellar crystal snow pellet sleet hail capped column needle

column click to hear

Short translucent ice crystal with flat extremities; it is prism-shaped and occasionally hollow.

plate crystal click to hear

Ice crystal in the form of a thin hexagonal plate that is occasionally hollow.

spatial dendrite click to hear

Ice crystal characterized by complex branches similar to those of a tree.

irregular crystal click to hear

Ice crystal with no defined shape resulting from the agglomeration of several crystals.

stellar crystal click to hear

Star-shaped crystal with six branches.

snow pellet click to hear

Opaque ice crystal less than 0.2 in in diameter that froze inside a cloud.

sleet click to hear

Ice crystal less than 0.2 in in diameter that results from rain drops or snow flakes freezing before they touch the ground.

hail click to hear

Hard, usually spherical ice crystal that varies between 0.2 and 2 in in diameter; it is formed of concentric layers of clear opaque ice.

capped column click to hear

Ice crystal that is identical to the column, except for the thin hexagon-shaped cap at each extremity.

needle click to hear

Translucent prism-shaped ice crystal; it is long and narrow and has pointed ends.