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tropical cycloneclick to hear

Low-pressure zone that forms in the intertropical region and is marked by violent precipitation and swirling winds of 74 to 185 mph.
tropical cyclone low-pressure area spiral cloud band eye rising warm air heavy rainfall subsiding cold air convective cell eye wall high-pressure area prevailing wind

low-pressure area click to hear

A rising column of air causes a decrease in air pressure on the ocean’s surface.

spiral cloud band click to hear

eye click to hear

Relatively calm zone in the center of the cyclone, with light winds and very few clouds; it is about 20 mi in diameter.

rising warm air click to hear

A hot air column forms when the ocean’s surface is warmed by the Sun.

heavy rainfall click to hear

subsiding cold air click to hear

Cool air that reaches the top of the clouds and once again descends, becoming warmer as it becomes more compressed.

convective cell click to hear

Phenomenon formed by hot humid air that rises and condenses to form a cloud, and a descending current of cold air.

eye wall click to hear

Thick layer of cloud that swirls around the eye; it has the most powerful winds (up to 185 mph) and the most intense precipitation.

high-pressure area click to hear

Column of ascending air that causes a rise in upper air pressure, at the top of the most developed clouds.

prevailing wind click to hear

It moves the cyclone forward at an average speed of 15 mph.