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generator unitclick to hear

Device with a turbine that transmits the water’s mechanical energy to the generator’s rotor to make it turn to produce electricity.
generator unit bottom ring generator runner blade runner draft tube draft tube liner spiral case turbine headcover stator gate operating ring thrust bearing exciter rotor stay vane blade wicket gate stay ring shaft hydraulic turbine

bottom ring click to hear

Circular part under the wicket gates that holds them in place.

generator click to hear

Machine that consists of a rotor and a stator; it produces an electric current.

runner blade click to hear

Stationary curved plate on the turbine’s runner; it receives the thrust of the water to turn the runner.

runner click to hear

Movable part of the turbine that transmits the movement of the water to the shaft to which it is attached to turn the rotor.

draft tube click to hear

Conduit at the base of the turbine that increases the runner’s output by reducing the pressure of the water as it exits.

draft tube liner click to hear

Covering that is usually made of steel; it protects the draft tube from erosion.

spiral case click to hear

Duct shaped like a spiral staircase that is used to distribute water uniformly around the turbine to make it turn smoothly.

turbine headcover click to hear

Structure that covers the upper part of the turbine’s runner.

stator click to hear

Stationary part of the generator that consists of a coil of copper conductors, which collects the electric current produced by the rotor.

gate operating ring click to hear

Movable device that controls the opening and closing of the wicket gates.

thrust bearing click to hear

Unit that bears the thrust of the turbine and the weight of the rotating parts of the generator unit.

exciter click to hear

Device that supplies electric current to the rotor’s electromagnets.

rotor click to hear

Movable part of the generator that is made up of electromagnets; its rotation induces an electric current in the stator.

stay vane blade click to hear

Fixed panel that receives pressurized water from the spiral case and directs it over the wicket gates.

wicket gate click to hear

Movable panel that regulates the flow of water entering the turbine to ensure a constant rotational speed of the runner.

stay ring click to hear

Set of two rings linked together by the stay vanes.

shaft click to hear

Cylindrical part that communicates the movement of the turbine’s runner to the generator’s rotor.

hydraulic turbine click to hear

Machine whose runner is powered by water; it transmits mechanical energy to the rotor to make it turn.