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pressurized-water reactorclick to hear

The most common type of reactor in the world; water from the coolant is kept under heavy pressure to prevent it from vaporizing.
pressurized-water reactor pump reactor core feedwater steam outlet control rod steam generator pressurizer concrete shielding moderator: natural water coolant: pressurized water fuel: enriched uranium

pump click to hear

Apparatus that circulates the coolant fluid between the reactor and the steam generator.

reactor core click to hear

Center section of the nuclear reactor where fission reactions take place.

feedwater click to hear

Piping carries water from the condenser to the steam generator, where it is turned into steam.

steam outlet click to hear

Steam from the generator is carried to the turbine and generator to produce electricity.

control rod click to hear

Tube that contains a neutron-absorbing material (boron, cadmium) that is introduced into the reactor core to control its power.

steam generator click to hear

Device that uses heat from the coolant to turn water into steam to activate the turbine.

pressurizer click to hear

Device that keeps the coolant water at a preset temperature to prevent it from boiling.

concrete shielding click to hear

Concrete structure that holds back radioactive products in the event of an accident.

moderator: natural water click to hear

Natural water: water found in its natural state.

coolant: pressurized water click to hear

Pressurized water: natural water kept under a preset pressure to prevent it from boiling.

fuel: enriched uranium click to hear

Enriched uranium: uranium produced by treating natural uranium to increase the quantity of fissionable isotopes (uranium-253) contained in it.